What kind of eyelash extensions should you use to make them beautiful?

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The matter of girls’ eyelashes is as important as any other matter. Any girl who has short eyelashes or few eyelashes would like to add more to make them longer. Make your eyes look brighter and brighter. This method of eyelash extensions is the answer. But let me warn you first that It’s not that anyone can apply any type of eyelash extension. Because if you choose the wrong one, your eyelashes will become damaged. Therefore, eyelash extension beginners must watch! What shape of our eyes goes with our eyelashes? Choosing it well will help increase the charm of our eyes to stand out even more.

UFABET takes you to look at eyelash extension techniques that beginners must know. Let’s go see what there will be. 

How to attach beautiful false eyelashes It is important besides choosing the right type of eyelashes for yourself. It is also necessary to take these factors into account.

  • Eye Shape: People with small or narrow eye shapes should choose false eyelashes in clusters or single strands so that their eyes do not appear smaller. Those with large or round eyes can choose false eyelashes in stripes or clusters according to their preferences.
  • Thickness and Length: Those who want to naturally add thickness and length to their eyelashes. Choose false eyelashes in single strands or bunches that are thick and of medium length. Those who want to add thickness and length to their full eyelashes should choose striped false eyelashes that are thicker and longer.
  • Curvature: False eyelashes have different curvatures according to the user’s eye shape. People with flat eyes should choose false eyelashes that have more curvature. So that the false eyelashes fit the shape of the eyes better.
  • Materials: False eyelashes are available in fur, synthetic hair, and silk. For those with sensitive skin, You should choose false eyelashes made from silk or synthetic hair. To reduce the risk of allergic reactions
  • Frequency of use: If you need to use false eyelashes regularly. You should choose false eyelashes of good quality so that they can last longer.

What type of eyelashes should I choose to suit my eye shape? 

Girls with big, round eyes should have extensions with volume. Which girl has big eyes? Or call this eye shape Dolly Eyes. Eyelash extensions should be done with volume. It will look like the eyelashes are connected into a bouquet. This type of extension will emphasize the eyes to make them stand out. The eyes look sweeter and bigger than before. 

Girls with slender Almond Eyes should add lines to emphasize the corners of the eyes. Who has this eye shape? I can say that I am already a person with beautiful eyes. Eyelash extensions should be done line by line according to the shape of your eyes. But will focus on adding thickness to the corner of the eye. This style is called Cat Eyes. It will help your eyes look more sharp. But there is still nature. Makes our eyes secretly sexy too. 

Girls with small eyes, eyelashes that poke down or droop at the corners of the eyes. Droopy Eyes should have eyelash extensions line by line. Come to the small-eyed girl. Having problems with eyelashes sticking out or having problems with the corners of the eyes drooping? Eyelash extensions should be done line by line. Because it will help adjust the shape of the eyes to make them look more uplifted. Increase eyelashes to look bigger and longer than before. Plus you’ll get a natural look. It doesn’t look too deceptive, gives a Natural Eyes look, beautiful eyes that look bigger.

Girls with single eyelids, Asian Eyes should have extensions done line by line. Focus on the length in the middle of the eyes. For anyone who has single eyelids, Chinese style or Asian Eyes, eyelash extensions should be done line by line. Focus on the length in the middle of the eyes. Of course, it still looks natural. You can say that you have a new look. You can change a dark-eyed girl into a sweet-eyed girl. Or to upgrade your look to make your eyes sharp. Looks more sexy as well.