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Sociedad ready to cut Valencia bring Brian Kiel back to Spain.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Spanish striker Brian Kiel is likely to return to Liga. After being linked with Real Sociedad and Valencia football team. Real Sociedad are another La Liga club interested in bringing Tottenham Hotspur winger Brian Kiel the 21 year old back to Spain on

Ancelotti does not block if Eden Hazard wants to leave the team.

Carlo Ancelotti is ready to consider if any player requests a move away from Real Madrid in January. Especially 30-year-old midfielder footballer Eden Hazard. Real Madrid’s Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed on Sunday. That he would not hold back if one of his players requested

Ancelotti wishes Pique good luck on new journey.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti congratulated Gerard Pique after the 35-year-old Barcelona centre-back retired from professional football on Saturday. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke about announcing the retirement of veteran Barcelona defender Gerard Pique following Saturday’s final game against the Azulgrana. By wishing the 35-year-old

Ancelotti confirms Benzema will miss Rayo trip.

Carlo Ancelotti insists Karim Benzema is not ready for a return to action against Rayo Vallecano in Liga football game on Monday. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed on Sunday that Karim Benzema will miss Monday’s trip to Rayo Vallecano. After having problems with the thigh

The betting form of that blackjack card game.

The betting form of that blackjack card game. There will be many types of bets. Causing the opportunity to win in many forms as well. Whether it is 21 + 3, Perfect Pair, Bet Behind and add will explain what the winning style that the add has

Steps to win in blackjack games online.

Online casino players now know the main principles of playing online blackjack games. Next we will look at the winning strategies of playing blackjack online. These are the following. If there is a hand of more than 17 points. Then there should not be any bets on


When you understand how to play well. Blackjack online is an easy game to play. and is popular with gamblers. Therefore, the goal of beating the dealer in blackjack is not difficult. If you have done a good job of researching the game of blackjack and techniques for playing

What is Blackjack Card Game?

Blackjack or 21 point card game is a game. That is decide by the value of the cards. If any side has total points equal to or close to 21 points and has more points than the opponent. The bet wins. But the important thing of this game

How to play online poker?

The way we will play online poker cards to be good at winning every. The eye that can bet In addition to learning the rules how to play poker. Well, players also need to practice observation and practice calculating the sum of the cards quickly as well. This is a

How to play 3 card poker?

3 Card Poker Game Normally played in live casinos. This game uses 52 cards without Jokers. How to play the game, the rules are the same all over the world. Whether playing in Macau, Europe, America or anywhere else by the name of the game. The player and the dealer are