Balde reveals it was an honor to play with Alba, Alonso

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Barcelona left-back Alejandro Balde has revealed he was honored to play alongside Jordi Alba and Marcos Alonso.

Barcelona’s 19-year-old left-back Alejandro Balde has revealed that competing for places is always a good thing because it helps everyone get better and insists it is an honor to play with the two. After seniors like Jordi Alba and Marcos Alonso from revealing to TV3 ‘Catalunya television station on Sunday. 

Balde made his breakthrough for Barcelona this season after winning over coach Xavi Hernandez. Becoming the number one choice at left-back at the Azulgrana and playing more than 1,000 minutes combined. This season is superior to both Alba and Alonso UFABET, two experienced defenders. But the 19-year-old left-back still has a lot of respect for his idol Alba.

‘Competition is always good and makes us all better. It was an honor to work with two players Alba and Alonso.’ 

For me, Jordi Alba is a reference. He gave me a lot of good advice,’ said Balde.

The 19-year-old left-back also spoke about his skills. Especially when it comes to playing offensively. Including his ability after being selected by Xavi to play at right-back 2-3 times before. 

‘I have the potential to play offensively. But there is still a lot of room to improve defensively,’ Balde said.

Balde also said his dream could come true if Spain coach Luis Enrique Martinez is called into the squad for the World Cup in Qatar later this month.

‘Playing in the World Cup in Qatar would be a dream,’ said the Barca youngster.

Balde has yet to play for the senior national team. But from his development, Luis Enrique watched closely and had the opportunity to be called into the bull’s dart as well.