Juventus is sharper than opening a nest of Inter Milan 2-0.

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Juventus relied on sharpness and a good counter-attack to beat Inter Milan 2-0 in Serie A on Sunday. At the Allianz Stadium is an Italian derby match between Juventus and Inter Milan in the Serie A arena. 

After 19 minutes, the Bianconeri greeted first when Filip Kostic Cross allowed Bremer to insert a shot. And send the ball out of the right-hand frame.

Played in the 26th minute, the Nerazzurri had some chances. This time Lautaro Martinez nudged Edin Sheko to strike a little.UFABET 

At the end of the first half, in the 42nd minute, Inter came again, Nicolo Barella opened for Denzel Dumfries to cut the trigger, but the ball unfortunately missed the crossbar.

Until the 52nd minute, Juventus took a 1-0 lead when Philip Kostic opened the ball to Adrien Rabiot, who fired from the right and passed the ball through Andre Onana into the net.

Then in the 63rd minute.

The home team sent the ball into the net again, Philip Kostic, the same man, opened the corner to Danilo, charging into the net. But not because VAR catches a handball stroke. But the slow motion that seems to hit the knee more

Both teams continued to try to find chances to score goals and had a stunner on either side, starting with Lautaro Martinez cutting the trigger and saving Wojciech Szczesny before Filip Kostic pushed the ball. seriously hit the pole

At the end of the game, in the 84th minute, Zebra escaped 2-0 from a fast counter-attack. Philip Kostic touched the ball into the penalty area on the left before slapping it to the far post for Nicolo Fajoli to press with the right deflected Robin Gosens. net 

Next, in the 86th minute, the score should have been three, but Federico Chiesa fell solo and shot a low shot on Andre Onana’s leg, but could not go in because of the offside flag following him.

At the end of the game, Juventus opened the nest, beat Inter Milan 2-0, added 25 points, held 5th place, while the visiting team had 24 points at 7.