Lazio beats Roma 1-0 in Rome derby.

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The Rome derby ended with a 1-0 victory for Lazio. Thanks to Felique Anderson’s goal. Roma, the hosts put Tammy Abraham as a target without an injured Paulo Dybala. While Lazio football lacks an injured Ciro Immobile and Sergej Milinkovic-Sawig Banned again.

The game started in the 5th minute, Roma had a chance before Lorenzo Pellegrini passed the ball for Nicolo Zaniolo to shoot from the left in front of the penalty area. but the ball does not enter the frame  

Lazio had some chances in the 21st minute, UFABET Matias Vecino passed the ball for Pedro Rodriguez to shine further as well. But sticking to a block 

In the 29th minute, it was Lazio who took the lead 1-0. Roma defender Roger Ibanez played a difficult game by himself, releasing the ball slowly, causing Pedro to squeeze until he dipped the ball into Felipe Anderson’s shot. With the left into it, don’t miss.

Rome derby tried to hold on after losing the goal and had a chance in the 34th minute, Rick Karsdorp passed the ball to Lorenzo Pellegrini, shot from the left, the ball went into the box, but did not pass Ivan Provede’s hand. Lazio outposts, then finish the first half, Lazio leads 1-0 

In the second half, in the 52nd minute.

Roma had a chance to win from a corner kick that Pellegrini allowed for Chris Smalling to get a header but didn’t go into the frame. Then, another minute later, Pellegrini had an injury problem, unable to continue playing, so Christian Volpato played instead. 

Lazio almost added in the 72nd minute, Matteo Cancelleri. Take the ball on the right side before marking the ball for Felipe Anderson to spin with the left from the front of the penalty area. But Rui Patricio still saves Roma. 

The rest of the time there was injury for up to 8 minutes because there was almost a chaotic situation at the end of the game. But no more gates happened. Causing the end of the game as Lazio defeated Roma 1-0