Salah picked up Liverpool attacked Tottenham 2-1. He was outside the nest for the first match.

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Liverpool picked up their first league away win of the season after beating Tottenham 2-1 thanks to Mohamed Salah’s goal.

English Premier League Football

Spurs 1 – Liverpool 2

Stadium: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Spurs have bad news, Heung-Min Son, who got hurt from European games. Harry Kane settled in front of the target alone. While Liverpool organized three offensive lines, Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Darwin Nunez all together UFABET

The game started for two minutes. Liverpool had a chance to win before Andy Robertson scooped the ball into the penalty area to Darwin Nunez. Waiting for the ball straight before hitting it with a tight right corner. But Ugo Lloris still brushed it off.

The Reds led 1-0 in the 11th minute, Robertson passed the ball into the penalty area for Nunez, who couldn’t find a shot and then paid for Mohamed Salah to catch one stroke before flicking the shot. Left 12 yards into the corner. 

Spurs were close to equalizing when Harry Kane widened to the right to pass the ball for Ivan Perisic to head in front of Alisson Becker before it bounced back into the post. Continuous beats, Pierre Emile Hoibierk shot Alisong to save before having a friend to help clear. 

In the 40th minute, it was Liverpool who fled 2-0 when Eric Dier’s header missed the way. 

Four minutes later, Liverpool looked for a chance with Harvey Elliott’s shot from far in the area. But Lloris saved it. Make the end of the first half, the Reds lead 2-0 

The second half started 4 minutes ago.

Spurs should have hit the top of the egg, Ryan Sessegnon passed the ball to Ivan Perisic, hitting it with an emphasis on the left. but the ball hit the crossbar seriously 

The Reds had a chance to add as well in the 55th minute, Mohamed Salah had a long shot from the left in front of the penalty area, but the ball was straight out of Lori’s body that could be picked up. 

Spurs hit the egg in the 70th minute, Dejan Kulusevski, a substitute who just entered the field. Flows the ball into the right side of the penalty area for Harry Kane to shoot quickly and accurately send the ball into the far post. The score returned to 2-1. 

The Reds were thrilled in the 82nd minute, Thiago passed the ball to Darwin Nunez, who hit the crossbar with a left shot. but was caught offside anyway

The rest of the time, Liverpool did not lose more, ending the game, beating Spurs 2-1 and winning the first away league game of the season. Ready to move up to 8th in the table while the Spurs are 4th