Martinelli reveals he relieve to have led Arsenal to the top

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Martinelli reveals he relieve to have led Arsenal to the top of the Premier League.

After Arsenal was able to win Wolverhampton Succeeded with a score of 2-1 last Saturday. It has allowed them to stay top of the Premier League, which Gabriel Martinelli revealed was what he wanted after working hard at the beginning of the season.

Gabriel Martinnelli admits he is relieved.

He was able to lead Arsenal to the top of the Premier League with victory over Arsenal. Wolverhampton After working hard since the start of last season, According to a report from the สมัคร ufabet

“We know we are now at the top of the Premier League. And we want to be there. Want to top of the Premier League for the remainder of the season. We do our best.”

“We tried our best against Wolves, we continued to move forward start off like a winning team.”

“Like I said. We are trying our best to score more goals. But we can’t do it. But the most important thing is the three points,” Martinelli said.

At this time, Arsenal holds the top spot with 33 points from 14 games played, followed by Liverpool , who defeated Fulham last night with 31 points, and Manchester City dropped to 3rd place with 30 points. Also tied with Tottenham Hotspur 3-3 last night.